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Construction Process

After 10 working days: Nine 2-story housing shells cast-in-place with our aluminum forms.  Each home completely finished in just 21 days.


By using FORSA aluminum formwork, concrete housing units are mass produced in an assembly-line construction process. We manufacture single story homes, multistory and high-rise buildings in much less time and at a lower cost than with any other conventional building methods in the world.

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Benefits of Aluminum Forming Systems

1. Lightweight / Ready to Use

80% of the world’s workforce are unskilled laborers. Our aluminum form systems are lightweight, easy to use and require no cranes.

2. Safest Housing Structures Worldwide

Our form systems create cast-in-place reinforced concrete structures proven to be the safest, most secure investment for housing worldwide.

3. Reduced Construction Costs / Time

Our form systems reduce time of construction and reduce finishing trades / costs to complete projects up to 50% faster than traditional methods.

4. Complete Systems Provided

Our form systems are complete for exterior walls, interior walls, foundations, floor slabs, windows, doors, parapets, overhangs / balconies and optional insulation systems. All system options are “integrated” into one system and poured “monolithically” in a daily cycle. You can build one house or apartment per day! This includes walls and ceilings.

5. Safe Investment with Quick Return

This formwork method is being used in over 40 countries and have been used by contractors and builders internationally for over 38 years.

6. Best Professional Services

Users receive the best professional services available.

  • Structure / project cost comparisons

  • Cycle time / labor estimates

  • Form layout (CAD) services

  • Custom structure features included with system

  • On site field training

  • New project “reconfiguration”

  • On-going technical support for life of system

7. One House Per Day

With a small group of unskilled workers and one set of our aluminum forms, we can typically cycle one housing unit every day.

8. Modular, Adaptable Systems

Our all aluminum form systems are completely modular and adaptable to hundreds of designs in low rise, mid-rise and high-rise projects. 

Form Breakdown

Form Breakdown
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