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Construction Management

Construction Management
Construction Management

Concrete Forming Solutions offers a Construction Service on a subcontractor basis. We will use our existing aluminum forms or manufacture forms specifically for your project. We have a team of designers using state of the art CAD modeling and design tools to create the best formwork system for your business or building project. 

Our engineers and architects will work closely with you to bring your ideas to life.  Factoring in your project and budget requirements, they will develop an efficient and cost-effective forming system specifically for you. Our designers focus on the key aspects your production crews face in the field – placing concrete safely and productively. 

Once designs and plans are approved, your account representative will present this engineered forming solution to you with an organized equipment list and CAD generated Setup Plans.  This will outline your system proposal clearly construction costs and deadlines.

After you’ve approved the formwork solution, the engineering team delivers production ready drawings and detailed work instructions to launch the Manufacturing cycle.

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Getting Started

We can help you convert your project  from traditional construction methods to quality cast-in-place (CIP) construction with our forms:

  1. Contact a CFS Forsa representative to discuss possible options.

  2. A CFS Forsa team of 2-3 professionals reviews the proposed plans and prepares a list with several forming system choices.

  3. The team presents the proposal, including all systems choices, with preliminary cost estimates for both the systems and the structure.  This lets you calculate your savings.

  4. You choose the system and provide an Engineering Deposit. equal to 5%* of the system manufacturing price. We provide a completed "Shell Drawing" in 3 dimensions to review with design professionals on your project.

  5. After you carefully review, you approve the final shell and confirm the final forming system and components.

  6. Our team prepares a final bill of materials (BOM) for the manufacturing of the formsets as well as a bill of materials and labour for construction. Once approved, you send a deposit equal to 45% of final BOM amount to start manufacturing of the formsets.

  7. Our "Set Up Team" receives your system components  from manufacturing and erects the complete formwork assembly in the Concrete Home Center to assure total "fit up" and "quality assurance".  This is the final verification of the entire system.

  8. You or your designated representative come to the Concrete Home Center for a final inspection of the complete assembly.  Inspection may also be done from your office via Internet Webcast.

  9. Within 48 hours of the final inspection, you provide the final 50% of the manufacturing payment.

  10. A payment schedule will be arranged for construction. Once this is approved construction will begin.

Please contact us so we may have an opportunity to consult with you about converting your project to cast-in-place concrete with aluminum forming systems from Concrete Forming Solutions.  You can reach us by:


* - The percentage of engineering deposit may vary depending on the order, customer, or country.  See the proposal from CFS Forsa for the correct deposit for your transaction.

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